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Our Farm Now

We are a 3rd generation family farm based just outside Dromore Co Down. Our family started farming at Islandderry in 1975 and from 1981-1997  we processed our own milk in our onsite dairy plant delivering to local shops and larger stores throughout Ireland. Names familiar to the older generation: such as Stewarts and Crazy Prices group, eventually bought over by Tesco. 


 #farmfresh #happycows #backtobasics

In  2020 the world changed, pandemic hit and we had time to reflect and watch what was happening to the market. Nostalgia with a back to basics attitude, the buyer now wants farm fresh quality products delivered or readily available.  We had been working on the concept for some time but now was the time.


Our desire to bottle our own milk,  add value to our raw product from the farm and in turn spin our own thread of nostalgia following in the footsteps of our grandparents Bertie and Anita Wilson led us to take this step forward. Our decision to use glass bottles instead of plastic containers is driven by the damaging effect plastic is having on our environment.


This also give us a very attractive product, cow to cup, who needs a jug? On the next delivery we simply collect the old bottles left out for us for reuse.

Times may have changed and technology is more advanced but our commitment on the farm and care of our cows is paramount.


We milk 600 cows at Islandderry and my dad Alan and two brothers Christopher and Harry know every drop of milk each cow produces their attention to detail with animal health and husbandry is second to none.


They believe that happy cows produce higher quality milk, thus why they ensure the cows have the best possible bedding and are fed high quality feed from local suppliers.


 #farmfresh #happycows #backtobasics

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