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Doorstep Deliveries From 'Cow to Cup'

The modern lifestyle has become so busy with people looking for more convenient ways to shop, finding the balance of embracing new technology with the feel for nostalgia, old ways and being kinder to our earth. With this in mind why not wake up to freshly produced milk and dairy products delivered direct from our farm to your doorstep in an old fashioned milk bottle with a recycle collection service? We offer free delivery with every order whether you order 1Litres or 10 Litres.

With fresh milk daily from cow to cup, our cows are milked and the milk is then processed on the same day, you receive your milk the following day. Delivery days will depend on your postcode as the business establishes.


 How it works? ​

1. You place your order 

2. We pasteurise the milk

3. We deliver to your doorstep

4. We collect the old bottles for reuse​

At the start we will offer whole milk, semi-skimmed milk, milkshakes, orange juice, free range eggs and local honey. We are delivering to Dromore, Hillsborough, Moira, Donaghcloney and Blackskull (+ 1 mile radius of the surrounding area) and we hope to be in a position to expand soon. 

Ordering from us guarantees the freshest milk possible. By cutting out the middle man allowing us to milk the cows, process the milk in one day and delivery to you the next. Guaranteeing freshness and full traceability, from cow to cup. Our commitment is  to produce  good quality milk and a reliable service. If you are a new customer we will require 48 hours notice for first order, please complete the new customer form online. On our farm we have an exciting five year plan to develop our product range with environmental impacts at the forefront of our decision making. Please give 48 hours notice on any changes to your weekly orders. 

If you have any enquiries please email:

or call: 07743203795

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